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I recently opened a new franchise business which required tenant improvements upward of $600,000. The general contractor was P.D. Larson Construction (now Metcon-Ti, Inc.). I had the pleasure of working with Eric Brown who not only was diligent throughout the process but was also completely knowledgeable of the requirements which my franchisor would require. He started the journey with me by assisting with the Conditional Use permit from the City office and then worked tirelessly with the architects of record on the project to keep my costs and budget in check. Metcon-Ti’s team of sub-contractors worked on the design plans to make sure that my building was in compliance with local and state requirements and at the same time we did a cost-effective tenant improvement.


Working with the landlord to resolve any issues or whether guiding me through the construction process and keeping the schedule on track was one thing Eric never lost track of. His team & he were always on target working to address design reviews, work with the Construction Management team and the Franchisor’s office so that I could come out of the gate ready was their top priority.


I would like to single out Chris Patane (site superintendent) who had his pulse on everything within the building which was 12,000 sq.ft and was always ready to help with a smile. I had three contractors who were ready to do this project but it was Eric’s sound advice and support prior to even winning the bid; that led me to select Metcon-Ti as the general contractor.


I would recommend them hands-down to anyone who is looking for commitment, good knowledge, backing and all-around general honest work ethics to guide you on your next construction project. The team comprising of the Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing sub-contractors were of the same thread as Metcon-Ti and I can speak volumes of their honesty, sincerity and true value hard work.


Raj Chellani


Pump It Up